Great toys & accessories for your pets
Does your dog like to do his best to rip toys apart? Perhaps your cat likes one toy in particular and you want to buy a similar item. No matter what brings you in, The Tailgait Market has a plethora of dog and cat toys that will offer your pets fun for hours. Give your pets the best accessories and toys from All Fur Paws. You can find collars, leashes, toys, chew toys, and catnip toys at our locally owned and operated store.

Pet Supplies & Accessories
•   Collars, leashes, harnesses
•   Pet beds, mats, pillows
•   Houses for dogs and cats
•   Coats and clothing
•   Litters and bedding
•   Shampoos and colognes
•   Pet carriers and cages
•   Pet toys
•   Custom pet ID tags and more!