We are only able to accept new clients 20lbs and under at this time.

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Dog Grooming Services

We offer a variety of grooming services to meet your needs such as basic bath services, full bath and haircut service, tidy-ups, and walk-in nail trim and grinding. Call us today to schedule a groom for your four-legged fur friend!

Dog Groomer

The Trans-FUR-mation

A full-service groom that includes bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, dental spray and haircut of your choice (dependent upon coat condition).

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The Mini Groom

Our Mini Groom service includes bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, dental spray, Face trim, paw pads shaved & feet trimmed, sanitary trim, and any light trimming as requested. This is a great option for in between full service grooming to keep you pets coat maintained and looking fresh!

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The Wash & Go

This basic bath service includes bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and dental spray. Great for in between grooms or for the kiddos that don't need full haircuts.

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The New Pup on The Block

For puppies 5 months and under we offer a first time puppy package. We will perform either our basic bath service or face, feet, and fanny service (puppy trim) for an introductory puppy price. Price valid on first visit only.

Under 10 lbs - $15

10-30lbs - $20

over 30lbs - $25

Dog Grooming Tools

Add-on Services

We also offer additional services you can add on to any of our grooming packages:

Nail grinding - $10

Smooths and rounds out the nails after clipping

Premium Shampoos - $5

Choose from oatmeal, whitening, medicated, flea & tick, and deoderizing

Blueberry Facial Cleanser - $5

This oatmeal enriched facial cleanser with blueberry helps fight tear stains and gently exfoliates the skin.

De-Skunk Service - $10

Our de-skunk shampoo breaks down the odor compounds of a skunk's spray

Conditioner - $5

Remoisturizing coat conditioner with coconut milk, silk protein, and aloe vera

De-Shedding Service - $15-$25

We use our remoisturizing conditioner to loosen up your pups shedding under-coat and add additional brushing time to cut down on that unwanted shedding undercoat.

Pampered Pup Package - $18

Includes nail grinding, your choice of premium shampoo, blueberry facial cleanser, and a deep-coat conditioner.

Walk-In Services

We  offer these services on a walk-in basis. These services are available Monday-Saturday from 10AM-4:30PM.

Nail Grinding - $15

Anal Gland Expression - $10

Ear Hairl Plucking - $5

Ear Cleaning - $5

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All Fur Paws Grooming Policies

Appointment Times - We schedule appointments on the hour from 8AM-2PM. We ask that you please be on time for your appointment. Any client that arrives over 15 minutes past their appointment will be considered a no show. If you no show more than 3 appointments in a 1 year period we will no longer be able to schedule future appointments. If you no show your first appointment we will no be able to schedule any appointments for you in the future.

Flea & Tick Policy - If your pet has fleas and/or an extensive number of ticks we will do a flea and tick treatment at the expense of $5 added to your groom.

Matted Pets - Here at All Fur Paws we believe in humanity before vanity. While we strive to be able to give each pet their owner's preferred haircut, sometimes due to matting we are not able to do so. We are sometimes able to brush out small amounts of matting (at an additional fee), but in certain situations de-matting does more harm than good to the dog and therefore we have no other option than to start over with a very short shave. Dependent upon the severity of the matting there also may be an additional charge even to shave due to extra time taken to carefully shave out matting.

Large Dog Policies (over 30lbs) - Drops offs can be no more than one hour before your appointment time and pick up no later than 2 hours after we inform you that your pet is ready.

            FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Cost is based on a number of factors including dog, breed, weight, temperament, & coat condition. It can also vary depending upon the type or length of cut you are wanting. We can give you a quote for approximate cost but the final price can very depending upon the above factors.

Do you require vaccinations?

The only vaccination we require is the rabies vaccination. However, we do suggest that your pet(s) are current on all vaccinations. We require to see proof of the rabies vaccination either by seeing the physical copy of the paperwork or a digital copy that you can pull up on our phone or that may be emailed to us at

How long will the appointment take?

We like to give about 3-4 hours for our groomers to complete a grooming service, regardless of the service.

Do you use kennel dryers?

We do use kennel dryers but our kennel dryers do not have any heat element to them so there is no risk of overheating.

My dog is pregnant or nursing can she still be groomed?

Out of abundance of caution, we do not groom dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

My dog is in heat. Can she still be groomed?

While we do suggest waiting until your dogs heat cycle is complete, we can groom a dog in heat but this may also incur an extra charge of $5-$10 for the groom.

Will my dog be around/kenneled/have playtime with other dogs?

We try our best to not have any dogs interact with each other that are not from the same household. Each dog is kenneled separately (with the exception of dogs from the same household unless directed otherwise). We do not let the dogs roam the shop nor do they have any sort of yard or playtime.

Do I need to pick up my dogs as soon as they are ready?

We do not have a set amount of time you need to have your dog picked up by but we do ask that they be picked up as soon as possible and no later than 5:20PM. During the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) we may not allow for all day kenneling and ask that your kiddo be picked up within 2 hours of us letting you know they are ready.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

We suggest regular grooming anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending upon breed, length of coat, and how much maintenance is being done at home.