Treats & Supplements

We carry a wide variety of holistic treats, chews and supplements for your four-legged family members. As pet owners, we know you want to keep your furry friends as happy and healthy as possible.

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Tricky Trainers Crunchy
Tricky Trainers Soft & Chewy


Baked Treats
Skinny Minis

Chip's Naturtals

Chicken Chips
Cheesy Chicken Chips
Chicken Crunchers
Chicken Shakers

Grandma Lucy's

Organic Oven Baked Cranberry
Organic Oven Baked Blueberry
Organic Oven Baked Apple
Organic Oven Baked Pumpkin
Organic Oven Baked Coconut
Organic Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Banana

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Tibetan Dog Chew

Tibetan Dog Chews S-XL
Crunchy Cheese Puffs
Chicken 'n' Cheese Treats
Beef 'n' Cheese Treats
Beef Liver 'n' Cheese Treats

Lynchburger Antlers

Split Elk Antlers S-XL
5" Pork Rolls
10" Beef Bacsktraps


Grain Free Bison Meal
Grain Free Whitefish Meal
Grain Free Lamb Meal
Grain Free Chicken Meal

Charlee Bear Dog Treats

Grain Free Turkey, Sweet Potaoto, & Cranberry
Grain Free Bacon & Cranberry
Grain Free Chicken, Pumpkin, & Apple

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Beef Tracheas
Large Goat Horns
Rabbit Jerky Snack Packs
Venison Jerky Snack Packs
Duck Jerky Snack Packs
Turkey Jerky Snack Packs

Redbarn Naturals

Various individual bully sticks and chews
9oz Bag Bully Slices - Peanut Butter, French Toast, and Original Bully

Earth Animal

No Hide Beef Stix 10pk

No Hide Chicken Stix 10pk

Individual No Hide Stix - 6 Proteins to choose from!

No Hide Beef 4" Chews 2pk

No Hide Beef 7" Chews 2pk

No Hide Chicken 4" Chews 2pk

No Hide Chicken 7" Chews 2pk

Individual No Hide Chews 4"-11" - Proteins Vary

Vital Essentials

Duck Heads
Duck Necks
Pig Snouts

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West Paw.jpg
Stella and Chewys.jpg

Pawsitively Gourmet

Gourmet Dog Cookies

West Paw

Freeze Dried Raw Pork Treats
Freeze Dried Raw Beef Heart Treats

Stella & Chewy's

Wild Weenies

Black Dog


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Animal Essentials

Fish Oil
Tranquility Blend
Tinkle Tonic
Senior Support
Joint Support
Daily Digestion


Whizmees Brushzees
Whimzees Alligators
Whimzees Crossbones
Whimzees Stix

Super Snouts

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oils
6ct Hemp Chews

Pill Buddy Naturals

Peanut Butter and Apple Pill Treats
Peanut Butter and Banana Pill Treats

Dale Edgar

K9 Hip and Joint
K9 Calm